Your own holiday home in the country ...

...with its own fenced off garden for you and your family to enjoy.

The Caravan Park
Surrounded by orchards, and adjacent to the banks of the Kentish Stour, this family owned caravan park offers the friendliness and relaxation that you would expect to find in a country village.
Caravan Park
Caravans for Sale
The wonderful thing about buying a caravan holiday home, is that you can choose the style and design that suits you. The choices are endless, and, with the option of the occasional pre-owned holiday home too, very affordable.
Caravans for sale on our Caravan Park
Caravan Park - things to do
Things to do
The Dog and Duck Caravan Park offers the peace and tranquility of the Kentish countryside; yet at the same time there is so much to do. It's a real conundrum!
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choosing your holiday caravan

... choosing your holiday home

Your own holiday home is a real home from home. A place where you can unwind whenever you feel like it. No more booking in advance, just come and go as you please. After all, it's your holiday home!

Caravan holiday homes are available from the leading manufacturers. They are all designed to meet the relevant British and International standards and Codes of Practice. Luxurious and well made, they incorporate the latest security and safety features.

You are invited to visit our park whenever you wish. Don’t put it off … you are missing a lifetime of holidays!